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International Award

2008 - movies & stills



“movies & stills 2009“ was an international HD short film competition, for which entries were invited both from media academies as well as from film academies and film universities and was, therefore, primarily aimed at young media artists and young film makers. The focus was on HD clips and their visualisation in powerfully expressive single images (stills). Students, graduates and freelancers were invited to participate, collaborations were welcome, but not mandatory. “movies & stills 2009” was open to all topics; the closing date for entries was 15th July 2009.


Conditions for Participation

To be admitted, clips had to be submitted on data media in HD format together with one to maximum as a high-quality data file. They should show powerfully expressive motifs from the clip and should serve as a focal point of the film presentation. It is decisive that the relationship between the single image and the film presentation, both in terms of content and form, should become evident.

Technical Requirements

1. Clip/short film on data medium (max. 5 min.)

2. HD formats:
720i (16:9 )/720p (16:9)
1080i (16:9 )/1080p (16:9)

SD formats:
576i (16:9 )/576p (16:9)

QuickTime (.mov) H.264 or MPEG2 in a high quality

3. Brief description/Exposé (max. one A4 page)
4. Still(s) as jpg, tif in file format 70x40 cm/300 dpi

5. Biography incl. exibition listing/filmography

6. Stamped and addressed envelope for return posting


1. Claudia Herbst, Pratt Institute / New York (www.pratt.edu) Associate Professor / Department of Digital Arts

2. Prof. Dr. Bernhardt Eberhardt, Hochschule der Medien / Stuttgart (www.hdm-stuttgart.de)
Professor for Audiovisual medias, Computeranimation

3. Anja Henningsmeyer, Director „Hessische Film- und Medienakademie“/ Offenbach (www.hfmakademie.de)


The contributions submitted will be evaluated in the category “Movies” and “Stills” and the prizes will be awarded on 6.11.2009. On this occasion, the best three movies will receive prizes amounting to a total of 6,000 euro. The three best still works will receive from the Videor Art Foundation - a purchase guarantee to the value of 3000 euro. The stills of the winners will be exhibited in the ComCenter of Videor (www.videor.com).

Category “Movies”
1. Prize - 3.000,- Euro
2. Prize - 2.000,- Euro
3. Prize - 1.000,- Euro

Category "Stills"
1. Prize: 1,500 Euro
2. Prize: 1,000 Euro
3. Prize: 500 Euro
4.–10. Prize: Participation in the exhibition