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5. digital new art award
„fremde heimat–homeless at home” 2002


The 5th dna award focused on the very current and sensitive issue of immigration. Its „problematic nature“ has many well-known causes. On the one hand, the voluntary movement of those who leave their home because of new employment or personal challenges. On the other, there is the forced movement of those who are fleeing from poverty, war or persecution. Leaving the place that we call home – whatever one connects with it – can have many causes but it always means conflict. Conflict with a new situation in life, with a new culture and language, with something foreign that now should become home.
Closing Date: May 31, 2002



  • the content´s relevance to the stated theme

  • artistic and creative innovation

  • form and technical quality of composition



  • Peter Becker, VJ and lecturer in Painting and Video, Munich

  • Tomaso Carnetto, Suvervisor of the „Fachbereich Interaktive Medien“ at the FAKD, Frankfurt

  • Claudia Härtl-Kasulke, Art historian and management consultant at „Kunst Kultur + Kommunikation“, Dietzenbach

  • Claudia Herbst, Artist and Assistant Professor at the Pratt Institute New York

  • Bernhard Serexhe, Supervisor of Museum Communication, “Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie“ (ZKM), Karlsruhe


  • 1. Prize: Cash prize in the amount of 3.000 Euro

  • 2. Prize: Cash prize of 1.600 Euro

  • 3. Prize: Cash prize of 700 Euro

  • Prizes 4-15: Public recognition in the community exhibition „fremde heimat-homeless at home“