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4. digital new art award
„the human machine project“ 2001


The content was mainly about the developments in genetic engineering and computer technology and their possible linking with each other: the Golem, Frankenstein, the artificial characters in Metropolis, the Terminator or the androids of the Blade Runner. The artificial man has always been a subject of our reflections, hopes and fears. On the threshold to the 3rd millennium, this artificial man, the human machine, is within our reach. The interaction of genetic engineering and the computer technology now seems to turn what we have always ardently desired or deeply feared into reality- man will become his own creator.
Closing Date: April 30, 2001



  • the content´s relevance to the stated theme

  • artistic and creative innovation

  • form and technical quality of composition



  • Tomaso Carnetto, Suvervisor of the „Fachbereich Interaktive Medien“ at the FAKD, Frankfurt

  • Dr. Claudia Härtl-Kasulke, Art historian and management consultant at „Kunst Kultur + Kommunikation“, Dietzenbach

  • Claudia Herbst, Artist and Assistant Professor at the Pratt Institute New York

  • Greg Lam Niemeyer, Digital Art Center, Stanford University California

  • Bernhard Serexhe, Supervisor of Museum Communication, “Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie“ (ZKM), Karlsruhe


  • 1. Prize: Single Exhibition and cash prize of 5.000 DM

  • 2. Prize: Cash prize of 1.500 DM

  • 3. Prize: Cash prize of 1.000 DM

  • Prizes 4-15: Public recognition in the community exhibition „the human machine project“