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2. digital new art award
„Schweiz – Hoher Himmel, enges Tal“ 1998


On the threshold of a new millennium men are moved by very different things. Feelings, like curiosity, tension, grief and thoughts about the new and the old awake. At the same time such a turning point tempts to take a look in the past and in the future. Culture, technology, history, economy – a variety of impressions, experiences and sensations- all of them can be expressed with Digital Art. This is the reason why the theme „1999 between the times 2000“ was chosen.
Closing Date: June 15, 1999


The work could be produced at the computer directly or in a mixture of traditional methods (e.g. conventional or digital photography) and Computer application.



  • the content´s relevance to the stated theme

  • artistic and creative innovation

  • form and technical quality of composition



  • Members of the ranges art, academy and gallery


  • 1. Prize: Single Exhibition and PR

  • 2. Prize: Documentation of artists work for own presentation

  • 3. Prize: Cash prize of 1.000 DM

  • Prizes 4-15: Public recognition in the community exhibition „Schweiz – Hoher Himmel, enges Tal“