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1. digital new art award
„Die Entdeckung des Ostpols“ 1997


On the occasion of the festivities of the Frankfurt East 1997 the Digital ART Gallery announced the national award „Die Entdeckung des Ostpols“ (The discovery of the East Pole).
Closing Date: May 26, 1997



The work could be produced at the computer directely or in a mixture of traditional methods (e.g. conventional or digital photography) and Computer application.



  • the content´s relevance to the stated theme

  • artistic and creative innovation

  • form and technical quality of composition


Members of the ranges art, academy and gallery


  • 1. Prize: Single Exhibition and press relations

  • 2. Prize: Documentation of artists work for the own presentation

  • 3. Prize: Cash prize of 1.000 DM

  • Prize 4-20: Public recognition in the community exhibition „Die Entdeckung des Ostpols“