This website not only presents the background to the cultural commitment of the entrepreneur Ernst Hartig, you will also find an overview of the artists presented and the exhibitions that took place from 1996-2013.

Ernst Hartig took care of art funding early and founded the DigitalART cultural initiative in 1996, which specialized exclusively in the collection of digitally generated or processed works of art - an absolute novelty, as digital image processing was still in its infancy at the time. Mostly unknown artists and up-and-coming artists who were able to submit their work in international competitions were funded. At the beginning, the DigitalART cultural initiative was based in Frankfurt am Main. With the construction of the ComCenter of the Videor E. Hartig GmbH, the move to Rödermark took place in 2003/2004 and thus the closer bond with the company, which was also expressed in the later renaming of the initiative to "Videor Art Foundation". The aim was to give employees and visitors the opportunity to deal with contemporary art.

In 2008 the ArtCenter was built - an architecturally unique building whose multi-artist concept was visible from afar through the large panels of fabric printed with works of art and which housed the collection containing more than 300 exhibits. Until the end of the Videor Art Foundation's commitment, numerous artists presented their works here.

The activities of the Videor Art Foundation included exhibitions, competitions, arranging contacts with artists and collaborating with media universities, museums and galleries.


Art Project of the ROTARY CLUB
an offer for kids with photo excursions/picture editing under the direction of graphic-designer Dietmar Keitzl.


32 galleries of the "Landesverband der Galerien in Hessen und Rheinland Pfalz" presented until May 19, 2013, 32 artists in the "Kunsthalle Wiesbaden".
Vernissage: 13.04.2013, 5 p.m. with
R. L. Scholz, head of culture department .



"analog oder digital - wir gehen voraus" - 20 artists of the association KiR immersed into a world  technically dominated. The realization of the topic was realized in very different genres like photography, sculpture and painting.

"TANDEM" -an international group exhibition, German and
American students are dealing with the topic "Lebensraum-Living Room"

"LIQUID DANCE" from Corinna Rosteck
Motion is the central sujet in the works of the artist. A thematic focus is the fascination of water.s

"AUSTRALIA - Northern Territory" from Ernst Hartig (EHa)
In the middle of the Australien summer his search took EHa to the destination of the Northern Territory wilderness

In the past fifteen years numerous vistors from all over the world visited the Videor Art Foundation:
Japan, Australia, Argentina, Singapore, USA, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Lithuania, Bulgaria etc.:

T. Onishi aus Tokio, Japan
„Beauty is a joy forever!”

Joanna Brown, New York / USA
„…an eye opening experience!”

Richie Camacca, Barcelona/Spanien
„Love it. New and creative!”

Matsuzaka Ayumi, Kunststudent aus Tokio/Japan (Dpt. of Drawing & Multimedia Art, University Tokio)
„This exhibition is so nice!”

Flavia Contines, Buenos Aires
„Space is floating, forms hardly waists. Thanks!”