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Mike Väth

1967 born in Frankfurt/Main Germany

”My long phase of experimenting while I was looking for forms of artistic expressions is determined by my long stay in Mexico and other Middle Americian countries. The dream pictures of the indian culture between conscious and subconscious were and always are a spring of my inspiration.” Mike Väth ”In the beginning of the 90ies I discovered the computer as the ideal tool to live up to my creativity. I also find inspiration in the oriental meditative side of techno music.”

Mike Väth



Foundation of the artist association ”ProVäth”, which has the goal to realize a multimedial project out of light, music, room, picture and word. This association unites artists from different areas.

  For the exhibition in the DigitalART Gallery this concept was realized with the word artist Andrea-Ciro Chiappa. He is an Italian born in Frankfurt/Germany. Chiappa is experimenting with elements of writing and speech since 1993 and also occupies himself intensively with etymological questions. Mike Väth and Andrea-Ciro Chiappa got to know each other more than two years ago. The pieces of work by the word artist, which were produced with regard to Mike Väth´s picture worlds, are getting presented in public for the first time.

  Art-Director, Advertising agency



1996    „Visional Genesis” DigitalART Gallery, Frankfurt


1996 Part of his work was published in special interest magazines like ”European Contact 94” and ”novum 3/95”.