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Bodo Sperling

”Transparency of awareness”

Awareness includes all thinkable and unthinkable eventualities, without loosing sight of the goal. By trying to assign without recognizing clear forms, lifts distances and space and lets you have an insight into an area, which doesn¹t only correspond with the already experienced. ”Transparency of awareness” for things which haven¹t been thought before, is moving closer.



born in Hanau/Germany, grew up in Leipzig, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt

1978-1982 Studies of Electrical Engineering, Technical University Hannover, Germany

1980 Creation of the first cristal boards (morphogenetical field)

1984 First work with computers/new media

1985 Creator of art form "Objectivism"


Single exhbitions and art activities

1986 National and international common exhibitions

1988-1990 Studies of Modern Art, University Tübingen/Germany

1990/91 Chairman of the Board, Federal Union of Graphic Arts, Frankfurt

1990 Authorized negotiator for the federation of the "Bundesverband Bildender Künstler BBK" with the "Künstlerverband VBK" of the ancient German Democratic Republic

1990 Co-founder and initiator of the "East Side Gallery", Berlin

1994 Publication of the "Diversity Generator Hypothesis"



1973 Founding exhibition of the group AARON, Frankfurt

1983 Cristal objects "Objektivismus", Gustav-Siegle House, Stuttgart

1986 "Das Aktfoto", "Steinernes Haus", Frankfurt
Museum of the 20th century, Vienna

1988 HDK, Berlin

1989 Paulskirche, Frankfurt

1990 Hartje Gallery, Frankfurt, Berlin
East Side Gallery, Berlin
"The Pleasures within Distances", Sidney

1991 Hessian State exhibition, Kassel

1992 "Kunsthalle", Darmstadt, single exhibition
1st. German Artist convention, Potsdam, official representative of the state Hessen

1993 Goethe institute, Prague

1994 "Hessiale 94", Wiesbaden

1995 City Leverkusen, single exhibition

1996 International touring exhibition, "New Media art in Germany"


1992    German "Kunstpreis", DAG, Hamburg

1983 Ordine Internationale dei Volontari per la Pace

1987 h.c. of Doctor of Art Florida University Talahassee USA