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Dorothy Simpson-Krause

”My process is very intuative and experimental, and many pictures never get done. I put myself into a state of suspended judgement and push the border far enough to make me see something that leaves me breathless, and then I know that I found something that is worth further developing.”


Professor for computer graphics at the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston.

1994 Foundation of the Unique Editions, a group of US-american artists, which set the goal to introduce digital pictures into the world of fine arts.

Experimental collages, which develop on the base of existing historical and contemporary pictures or scanned and digitally changed photos. Prints are getting done on rough hand-made paper or canvas. Final addition of gold leaf, modelling paste, cloth etc. leaves a touchable, light attracting coat on top of the toner.


Gallery 911, Indianapolis

Wellesley College, Boston

The Center for Creative Imaging, Camden

IRIS Graphics Inc., Bedford

The New England School of Photography, Boston

The University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Salem State College, Salem

The University of Southern Maine, Portland

Digital Equipment Corporation, Marlboro

DigitalART Gallery, Frankfurt


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Photoshop f/x

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Fractal Design Painter

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