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Ingmar Melchert
1962 born in Hessen/Germany



Studies: Architecture, Graphics, Photo and Industrial Design Degree in ”Qualified Designer” in Darmstadt/Germany

1986 stay in the Silicon Valley, USA (scholarship) First experiences with computers

  back to Germany after the first journey around the world job as a system advisor

1992 second journey around the world

1993 decisive point: ”Lack of prospects by personal losts. visions and dreams, thoughts travel into the future, rememberings and experiences are giving new power, which burns into paintings, watercolour paintings and surreal multimedia worlds. Zest for life is coming back and reflects into my pictures and into the phantasies of the colourful dream worlds. Because of my independant work as a multimedia advisor, I am getting the chance to live my artistic ambitions and look for new ways to express myself” PICMAR



1987    ”Future of the history” common exhibition, Gerrit Riedvelt Akademie, Amsterdam

1988 ”Computer +artist +time =?” common exhibition, Rat für Formgebung, Darmstadt

1992 ”Rape totally (digitally)” common exhibition with Barbara Bredow, ”Galerie blau”, Seeheim

1997 ”In the unknown world of coldness and beauty”, DigitalART Gallery, Frankfurt