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Bonny Lhotka

”I go into the studio every day hoping for an unknown adventure. I start painting without any preset idea and let incidences intuitively dictate my daily work. I think, this method is the best for mixtures of painting, printing and digital imaging. It is the optimization of a 20-year collection of solutions for the multimedia dilemma. I am using the inharent characteristic of acrylic paint to produce a series: the ability to stick to one surface and not to another is just as important for the creation of my work as its flexible nature. I paint a monotype in acrylic paint for the latter combination with my digital file.”



graduation in painting and printing from Bradley University

  became well-known as an experimetal artist and through the new MonoGraphic transmission process

1992 computer was added to the studio tools

1994 foundation of the Unique Editions, a group of US-american artists, which set the goal to introduce digital pictures into the world of fine arts.



Marin Country Art Museum

The Southwest Biennial of Contemporary Art

The Western States Art Center

The Albuquerque Art Museum

DigitalART Gallery, Frankfurt


Art as an Adventure: MonoGraphic Transfer

Revision The different - Seeing, ENCAD

and many more...