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Ernst Hartig (EHa)

Curiosity means to live with people

Author: Claudia Härtl-Kasulke

"I am the kind of person, who
.... takes a curious look to find out how things effect people
.... what effect it really has
and who finds it truly exciting to see, that everybody is effected in a different way.”

Ernst Hartig and photography.....

In 1956, a two-year stay in a sanatorium opens new doors. All of a sudden new ways
to reach people in their large variety, with theirs dreams and development, opened up. Time for development is there and now the viewpoint to the own life changes.

Maybe, the deep longing for seeing something that has never been seen before, already woke up then: to see something very special in every person – his self.
People live in their variety.

Now, people who meet him, open doors for him. Like the photographer and collegue Eberhard Sagl, who taught Ernst Hartig about the endless possibilities of photography. Curiosity: the wish to make something visible, that has never been seen before, is growing.

Ernst Hartig, the business man

Self-employed since 1969, Ernst Hartig founded VIDEOR TECHNICAL in 1975.

Asia and its culture is fascinating to him and accompany him in the past 25 years, many trips to Japan, as well as stays in the USA and Europe left marks with him.

People, who he meets
Curiosity, which drives him
Development, which makes his life exciting.

They are central themes in his pieces of art and are at the same time, the motor for movement.

Ernst Hartig, the gallery owner

In 1996, the longing to make something visible, that has never been seen before, lead to the first gallery and the workshop"Digital Art” in Germany.
The DigitalART Gallery in Frankfurt/Main is founded.

With this step Ernst Hartig opens doors to digital technology for the artists, and at the same time to unknown shapes and structures, new intensity in colouring, lighting and shadows as well as the unexpected change between two and three dimensional proportions. And: Ernst Hartig would not be Ernst Hartig if all this would not open new ways for his own artistic evelopment, art which goes much farther than the possibilities of photography. His dream is coming closer – with "new media art” unlimited new chances arise. At the same time photography builds bridges to new paths with its digital tools and curiosity transforms the night into times of learning, experimenting and discovering.

EHa -www.eha-art.de- onto new paths with digital tools

EHa, a pseudonym and who knows him, also knows that he can be called that way in intimate situations.

And the artist EHa surrounds himself with intimates:
People who he meet and inspire him.
Curiosity which drives him.

The experiment, which for him is the first step for searching. Artists – as he puts it – like Man Ray and Andy Warhol, who often foresaw something in their Oeuvre, which later was produced by somebody else with different means.
And discovering the motifs as nature gives them to us, which let something invisible to be foreseen. Full of life – because "Flowers do not need to be brought to life.
The variety is large, it makes the impression on me, that I am just seeing a drop and the whole ocean is still in front of me.”

And just like Geogia O’Keaffe, the life of the flowers shows the life of human beings, with all his erotic, the being and the passing. That is why pictures of people,
as a close-up and far away are very important for EHa.

Photography opens eyes for the motifs – working digitally opens the way to the world of the motifs. The photo now is a part of the whole. The large palette of the digital technology is the base for his development in his pieces of work.
And it would not be Ernst Hartig, if it was not important for his artistic design.
Because we know: it is curiosity which graces his path.