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Jochen Brennecke

Jochen Brennecke was born in Hamburg.
The artist is living and working in New York City.

Exhibitions (Selection)

2000 „Photography after Photography“ OpenM Gallery, New York, USA


"Beyond the Screen!" Clocktower Museum, London UK

1997 "CyberPhoto" The Sackler Gallery, Stamford, CT, USA

1997 "Tuchfuehlung" Kunsthaus Langenberg, Germany

1996 "Digital Art" The Chapel Gallery, London, UK

1995 "Deutsche Fototage", Frankfurt, Germany

1994 "Deutsche Fototage", Cologne, Germany


Internet Exhibitions (Selection)

1997-1999 HyperArt.com, New York, USA

1997-1999 "Kultur-Online", Bremen, Germany

1999 GRAM, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1997 Torray Web-Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Bibliographie (Selection)

„Jochen Brennecke, Digital Fine Artist“, PEI Magazine, USA, 2000

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"Digital Fantasies", Images, New York, 1997

"HyperPhotos", British Journal of Photography, UK, 1996

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